Ai-Fi Lights: Connection Troubleshooting

If your Ai-Fi device is having trouble connecting or staying connected to your WiFi network, there are several things to check for that could be causing your connection issues.  


Distance from Router:

    Ai-Fi devices have a range of 15-25 feet from your router.  Remember, distance is the most common issue when experiencing connection trouble. The shorter the distance the better the connection and things like thick walls/floors will create issues.  To test, try moving your router closer to your aquarium or purchase a WiFi extender.  


Wireless Interference: 

    Other wireless equipment in the area can block Ai-Fi device's ability to communicate with your router.  To test this, unplug any aquarium controllers, gaming systems and other wireless aquarium equipment.  


WiFi Network Frequency: 

    It's very important to note.  Ai-Fi devices need to be connected to 2.4 GHZ WiFi networks.  5 GHZ networks are not compatible and your Ai-Fi devices will not connect to them.


Router Settings:

    In rare cases, the steps above may not resolve the issue you're having.  If your parent light continues to disconnect/never connect to your WiFi network. You will want to contact your internet service provider.  Instruct them you need the following router settings as listed below:  

IGMP Snooping (On)

Multicast Routing (On)

Network Isolation (Off) 

    If you are seeing a red exclamation (!) this means you are receiving a low signal. Typically a power cycle will resolve this issue (unplug from power for 30 seconds, then power back on). If the issue keeps re-appearing you would want to contact your ISP and have them assist you with modifying the above router settings.


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