AI-Fi Device: Local vs. Cloud Control

When controlling your AI-Fi lights, you have the option of 2 different connection types.  Local and Cloud are truly both great options and whichever you choose will allow you to control your light(s) while not missing out on any programming features.


The Local Connection is a great option for any user who makes schedule changes while in the presence of their aquarium.  If you have a particularly secure WiFi network, local will eliminate the need to connect your HD light to that WiFi network.  When using the local connection, you will need to open your device's WiFi settings and choose your parent's network prior to opening the myAI app.


The Cloud Connection is an excellent choice for any user who likes to make changes while away from their aquarium.  When controlling via cloud your HD light will be connected to your home's WiFi network.  This will allow you to open the myAI app and begin controlling your lights without having to connect first.  


Please note: This article is for AI-Fi Devices (Prime/HD, Hydra 26HD and Hydra 52HD)

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