How does Easy Setup work?

Easy Setup is a quick way to create a schedule, which requires just a few inputs. To get to the Easy Setup page on your mobile device, tap the Easy Setup button in the lower right corner of the Control graph.

Easy Setup allows you to set the sunrise, sunset, and ramp time. To set each variable, tap on them.

Sunrise: The sunrise time is the time the lights will start turning on in the morning. Beginning at sunrise, they will slowly increase their intensity over the duration of the ramp time.

Sunset: The sunset is the time the lights start turning off. Beginning at sunset, they will slowly decrease their intensity over the duration of the ramp time.

Ramp Time: The ramp time is the time it takes to change between nighttime and daytime intensities.

The Easy Setup menu also lets you set the daytime and nighttime intensities for each LED color. Use the 2 circles on each color slider to set the nighttime and daytime intensities. When adjusting the sliders, the lights will do a short preview of what your current setting will look like. For instance, if you are setting the nighttime intensity of Cool White, you will see what your lights will look like at night.

When you have chosen all of your desired settings, tap OK. The new settings will be saved to your lights. An example Easy Setup configuration is shown below.

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