How long is the Sol lifespan and how much power does it use?

The current generation Sol light fixtures use Cree XP series LEDs which run between 2 and 3 watts each.  More specifically, the XP-G cool white LEDs run at 2.65 watts each and the XP-E blue and royal blue run at 2.3 watts each.  This means that at full power, each module pulls less than 75 watts of electricity.


According to Cree, the manufacturer of the LEDs, the LEDs will produce up to 50,000 hours of usable light. Our products follow the strict guidelines provided by Cree to work to achieve this life span. Assuming a 10 hour per day photoperiod, your AI System will last well over 5-7 years. (According to Cree’s calculation, with a 10 hour photoperiod each LED will last over 13 years!)

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