What are the steps to connect a light to a network?

How to set up an AI-Fi Light with a computer


Step 1
Plug power in to the AI-Fi device. 

Step 2
Wait a minute until the device flashes blue/green or flashes green. If the device does not reach these indicator LED states within a minute, hold the button down on the light for 3 seconds, until the light's indicator LED begins to blink green.  This will reset the network settings on the light. 

Step 3
Using your computer, connect to the AI-Fi device's Wi-Fi Network. The name of the access point can be found on the Quick Start Guide. For example:


Step 4
Once you are connected to the device's Wi-Fi Network, open a web browser on your computer. We recommend using Google Chrome, but other web browsers will work. In your browser connect to your device by typing in the Web Address found on the Quick Start Guide.

Step 5
Click “choose a network” in the upper right corner of the screen.


Step 6
Select your wireless network from the list and enter the WEP/WPA password if needed.


Step 7
Reconnect your computer to your home network.  The webpage will update automatically.

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