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New Controller Firmware Downloads - Updated with v2.55

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posted this on September 16, 2012 17:08

This firmware is compatible with the New Controller only.

Version 2.55 - 3/17/14


  • Manual intensities (using the button on the device when it's not associated with a Controller) are saved across power cycles.
    • For example, if you don't have a controller and set the light to 40% it will come back to 40% if the fixture is power cycled.
    • Wireless Adaptors used with Sols and Nanos did not get this enhancement.

Version 2.49 - 11/20/13


  • Added additional PowerPuck configurations.
  • Support for New Controller with physical buttons.
  • Hydra fixes/enhancements.

Version 2.40 - 9/16/13


  • Hydra fixes/enhancements.

Version 2.39 - 9/12/13


  • No change to functionality.
  • Added additional PowerPuck configurations.

Version 2.38 - 9/9/13


  • Added support for Hydra FiftyTwo
  • Changed temperature/fan control algorithm for Hydra to decrease noise.

Version 2.30 - 8/9/13


  • No change to functionality.
  • Added additional PowerPuck configurations.

Version 2.29 - 7/15/13


  • Added sunrise/set color option.
  • Miscellaneous fixes/enhancements.

Version 2.22 - 6/29/13


  • Hydra fixes/enhancements.
  • Miscellaneous UI changes.

Version 2.20 - 6/19/13


  • Now supports all combinations and any mixture of wireless models: Sol-White/Sol-Blue/Nano/Vega/Hydra.

    You will need to run 'Setup Lights' again if you have mixed models consisting of Sol's and/or Nano's.

  • Fixed issue affecting systems with more than 10 light modules on a single controller, where lights 11+ did not respond in some circumstances.

Version 2.18 - 6/3/13


  • Add Hydra support.

  • New menu item "Review Timers" to assist in manual timer programming.

  • Improved "Easy Timer Setup" for less blues and more consistent color ramps during sunrise/sunset.

  • Running "Setup Lights" no longer changes timers to the default Easy Setup values

Version 2.14 - 5/21/13


  • Update all LED intensities when a device re-establishes communication with the New Controller.

  • Includes Puck Driver with latest PowerPuck configurations

Version 2.09 - 4/22/13


  • Adds support for 415nm/Violet Sol-Vega Upgrade

Version 2.08 - 3/20/13


  • Running START NOW with lightning would cancel storms for the day.
  • Cloud cover would start and then immediately stop under certain conditions.
  • Support for the Sol to Vega Upgrade Kit.
  • Fixed fail-safe auto-dim down which would sometimes trigger erroneously.
  • Various minor bugs related to display issues, Setup Lights, and power-up.

Version 2.01 - 2/14/13


  • Add percentage display to Auto/Manual main screens.
  • Add fail-safe timeout to wireless adapter.

Version 2.0 - 2/11/13


  • Support for PowerPuck™ custom pucks.
  • Adds wireless operation for Sol White, Sol Blue, and Nano when used with Wireless Adapter (sold seperately).
  • Supports full sunrise/sunset/cloud sweeps and weather effects for all Sol and Nano models.
  • Supports both Sol and Vega models simultaneously (wireless mode) with one controller.
  • Fail-safe Vega dim down prevents coral burning if wireless communications fail for an extended period of time.
  • Global Region Timers simulates actual sunrise/sunset times of major coral reefs around the world.
  • GPS coordinate Timers for automatic local sunrise/sunset tracking.
  • Fully automatic sweep speed for up to 30 Vega lighting modules.
  • Revamped user interface for easier setup and control.
  • Misc. bug fixes 

Note: You may lose your current settings when upgrading to this version. 

Version 1.3.1 - 11/512


  • Modified fan speeds on Vega to minimize audible noise.
  • Fixed lightning effects on wired Sol.

Version 1.2.1 - 10/11/12


  • Improved Coral Acclimation algorithm.
  • Fixed clock issue where LED modules are turning on around midnight.

Version 1.1.8 - 10/8/12


  • Fixed Test Lights function for Sol units that are wired to the New Controller.
  • Added button sensitivity setting.
  • Added warning dialog for invalid settings for Coral Acclimation.
  • Added support link on splash screen.
  • Fixed several minute delay starting Lunar Cycle if start and end times overlap midnight.
  • Fixed ordering of Vega units during setup.
  • Allow user to force New Controller to stay in firmware upgrade mode on power up by the following procedure:
  •     1) Apply power to the New Controller
  •     2) Wait for splash screen to display.
  •     3) Within 5 seconds, press and hold both the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time.
  • Allow user to clear configuration memory on power using the following procedure:
  •     1)  Apply power to the New Controller.
  •     2)  Wait for splash screen to display.
  •     3)  Within 5 seconds, press and hold both the OK and CANCEL buttons at the same time.
  • Fixed Deep Red following Cool White and Green following Blue intensities on Home Screen.
Note: You may lose your current settings when upgrading to this version. 
Version 1.0.34 - 8/31/12
  • Initial Release


Please use the attached firmware to update or re-load your New Controller.

  • To update download the firmware using the link below, make note of where this firmware is saved as you will need to use it in later steps.
  • Connect the New Controller to a Windows based PC.
  • On the controller, select 'Firmware Update' on the second menu screen page.
  • Removable Storage device will appear on My Computer. Open this device, and delete the file named firmware.bin
  • Open the location where you downloaded the file in step 1 and drag it to the to the device, and power cycle upon transfer completion.
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